TreeReinheimer Teich

My favorite links (at least sometimes).

Ok here are my favorite pages. These may be interesting for ongoing and experienced web-designers and computer freaks.

I have rated every link if it's operating system independent, for UNIX (and also linux) or only interesting to linux

all Usable for all operating systems
unix Only Unix.
linux Only Linux.

all Interesting about WWW

W3.ORG World Wide Web Consortium. All about the web

all Free web-browser

Amaya Web browser and authoring tool.
Lynx A small and efficient web - browser which displays only text.


Miscellaneous software, which I use at home or at work.

unix Apache A very popular web server.
unix PHP Very popular programming language for active web pages in conjunction to apache.
unix Apache Week Tips around the Apache webserver
unix Webalizer Very nice webstatistic tool (inclusive evaluation of the wu.ftp logs)
unix Open LDAP LDAP
unix Samba Some people say it would be the better NT-Server
unix Postfix MTA which is easy to configure.
unix Sendmail E-Mail .
unix Mrtg Tool for visualizing network load (and other things via SNMP) via a webserver.
unix xntpd Exact time from the internet
unix Timeserver The timeservers for xntpd

Firewall related software

all Freefire A good documentation about firewalls. Also lots of links about firewall (i have here only this links, which i use at home and at work)
unix Squid Proxy/Cache for HTTP and FTP
linux iptables IP-Tables Firewalling (now stateful) , IP-Nat (not only masquerading, it has now true NAT) for Kernel 2.4
unix Secure Shell Encrypted telnet session.

Software Development

all Java Java Language
unix Perl
unix GCC C++ Compiler